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          Blazek stick & caps  is a result of Ing. Zdenek Blazek,started in 1991 as a family owned business with production of hats through own technology in its own family house in Dolni Skrychov near to Jindrichuv Hradec. Step by step the production through new technology was extended to further designs of hats and in 1994 we moved in a new constructed 3-floor plant. With 12 standard colours of heavybrushed cotton and with various designs of hats we offer immense colour combination of hats, or even of each part of its. 1997 we launched our embroidery and from now we could realize very qualitative finishing orders for hats,aprons,table clothes,pennants - furthermore we launched our jobbing embroidery on by customers delivered textiles. Step by step we extended our embroidery and today with our output of 3000 pieces we are one of the biggiest embroideries in Czech Republic. Further we offer to our customers serigraphy printing, ideal alternative for embroidery when ever the price is decisive or technical reasons dont allow an embroidery. Last but not least we offer foil cutted graphic application - flock and flextransfer foil. Our complete diversification of sewing,embroidery,serigraphy and foil transfer offer to our customers ideal support for realization of hats, caps, aprons, table-clothes, pennants, etc including logos on desired textiles. All blazek stick & caps employees work conscious of quality with our top modern technology. Our products are suitable for commerce trading, publicity steps, and sport clubs - should you have any interest in our products - we will be very delighted and we will give you our best support. Our customers are in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, USA, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia.

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