Cloth/chair - ksiltovky

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Selection of table cloth/chair cover according the following parameters


  • 65% PES / 35% COT, 245 g/m2, twill, 16 colours,washable 65°C

  • 65% PES / 35% COT, 205g/m2, twill, 5-6 colours,washable 95°C

  • others after agreement,i.e. 100% cotton, lower or higher weight per auf 1m2

Standard sizes

  • Definition lenght x width or oval table diameter and material

  • chair cover - exact dimension of the chair,even better a draft

Realization of the table cloth

  • overlapping possible

  • tucked border even with different colour

  • serigraphy or embroidery possible


  • single per piece or en vrac in plastic bags

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