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       Out of thin and elastic foil (Flex) or valvet similar foil (Flock) we cut out on the plotter the motive to be able to iron on by temperature 150-180 °C. This is the ideal variant for small quantity of needed textiles (numbers,small orders). We have the professional Plotter Summa and the iron on press Chemica. Datas preparation by vector software Adobe Illustrator.We can iron on all kind of textiles - T-shirt,Sweatshirt,Polo,working cloths,bags etc.

Plotter allows the following logo parameter application (Flex/Flock)

  • fullcolour transfer: what we cat out of the foil that we can iron on,colour definition Pantone Solid Coated/Uncoated not possible - only as per colour sample book(flex,flock)

  • place definition of the logo

  • Logo: see description in section "Software"

  • size of the logo

  • Minimum quantity: 1 piece

  • Of course we iron on delivered textiles to us

  • Transfer printing is the ideal combination variant , for example embroidery in front of the textile and transfer printing on the back.

Some variants of our transfer printing



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