Scarves - ksiltovky

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Scarves are used for promotional activities or in gastronomy,gas stations,tour operators etc. and aitiHalstuecher sind bestimmt fuer Werbezwecke sowie Demo Aktionen oder Gastronomie oder Tankstellen,Reiseveranstalter etc. sowie scouts.

Selection of scarves according the following parameters

100 % cotton 140-180 g/m2
52 % cotton / 48 % PES
other tissues i.e. cotton/PES etc. , lower or higher weight per 1m2

Standard Dimension
Definition widht x height of the triangle
3 sizes - aults,youths,children

Realization of the scarves
borders  trucked in the same colour as the scarf or edged - widht 4-12 mm (can be any desired colour)
multicolor - i.e. splitted colour or  2-colored triangles
unicolored mit stitched strips 15-25 mm
scarves decorated with satin band in various widht
Logo apply - serigraphy/embroidery

single per piece or en vrac in plastic bags


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