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The printing praparation we do ourselves with our professional Vector Software after customers data receipt

  • Adobe Illustrator (Nativ Format "ai")- Adobe Illustrator is worldwide the most popular instrument of insiders for the graphic application - precision and quality performance.

  • Corel Draw - Vector programm, we are licensed - therefore no problem to transfer datas to our Software Adobe (Illustrator see above).

Possible data transmission for the order prozess

  • PC curve format - AI, CDR, EPS

  • PC Rasterformat - JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, WMF and more

  • drafted imagination on paper

Data transmission via

  • e-mail:

  • by mail to: blazek stick & caps s.r.o. , Dolní Skrýchov 95, CZ-377 01 Jindřichův Hradec
  • per fax /not recommended -lost of details/: +420384327129
  • personnal handover

Transfer datas by us

  • Of course we do archiving the datas for you by the very competitive backup software Acronics

  • datas preparation billing onetime - reorders free of charge

  • within 24 hours - our designers work in three shifts.

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