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      To print via serigraphy on textiles is a technology known for many decades.During this period textile serigraphy improved a lot and today it is the most common and most qualitative textile decoration in this segment. Method of serigraphy: mecanic pressing of the textile colour about template (sieve) on the textile. On each sieve emulsion is applied to guarantee the transfer of the motive in the full desired colour with  most possible sharpness and heighness on the demanded textile piece. If multiple coloured motives must be transferred via serigraphy so for this realisation is needed as many sieves as many colours are found on the motive. In case of printing on dark underground material a further sieve in white colour is necessary to be able to realise the underground for all other colours - so that then the final result gives optimum colority. They exist multiple fullcoloured motives,where first a canal separation is necessary.These canals are put on the template (sieve) as raster half tone. In textile serigraphy different raster adjustments are utilized, important for their sharpness and fineness in the motive. Last step in the serigraphy is the fixation,done in the drying tunnel (dry box) in a constant temperature of 155°C  where the serigraphy together with the textile piece within 1-3 minutes becames hard. Now the colour is fully integrated in the fibre of the textile and the serigraphy is resistent against washing. But if the washing procedure is wrongly done, motive washes out or brakes already after some washing - or even by stretching the textiles.

       We have a manual 4head carussell - therefore we can work only with max. 4 colours in the logo. Serigraphy films we produce with help of a special laser printer. Our serigraphy is convenient for T-Shirts,Sweatshirts,Polos,Jackets,working clothes,umbrellas,bags.

Our serigraphy possibilities as per the following parameters

  • max.  4 colours - full colours,non relief, ok for colour tone Solid Coated/Uncoated

  • definition placement logo

  • Logo - see section "Software"

  • size of the logo

  • Minimum quantity: 20 pieces

  • Of course we print on delivered textiles to us

  • Serigraphy is the ideal combination i.e. in front Embroidery / back serigraphy

Some samples of our serigraphy

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