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Selection of hats according the following parameters

  • material according to structure/weight: heavybrushed cotton - standard colours ex stock, other ones according to supply possibilities of our suppliers - cotton,wool,polyester and others - but also possible to deliver us your own material

  • Sizes- according to diameter of head/cm : children - 50,51,52,53 youths - 54,55,56,57 adults - 58,59,60,61,62
  • Colours -every combination possible: head,rings,curves,border
  • ventilation: sewed rings, metal rings 4 and 6m (nickel + oldbrass,black)
  • Curves: normal, border
  • logo placement : possible to embroide on parts parts of hats
  • according to design/cutting- look at the photos on the right side: Hučka, Strip, Klasik, Tramp, Pocket, Fleece

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