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           Important division is our embroidery - tecnic stitched through the material (textile,leather,paper).ln China probably already in the prehistoric time embroidery was known,later then in India and Egypt (3600 old years founds). In Europe probably embroidery started with Christian Era.First mechanic embroidery machine was found in 1829 in France.The difference between embroidery machine and hand embroidery is, that the material moves in different directions as per desired logo and the needle stitches always vertically out of the same position.
We use the following embroidery machines
Tajima, Toyota, Happy - we have onehead machines (repetition of embroidery is not necessary,i.e. names) as well as multiplehead multiplehead machines (4head and 6head) Last question: on what kind of material can we embroide? - the following rule : everything what can be stitched through and can be fixed in the frames,can be embroide, i.e. woven and non woven textiles,leather,synthetical material. Some of them please find here after: T-Shirt,Sweatshirt,Polo,Hat,Caps,blankets,trousers,Pullover,pennant,upholstery and material for automobile industry. Details must be determinated either per email or by phone - or we help you to find the optimal solution.

Different emroidery categories

  • embroidery directly on textile: T-Shirt,Polo,Caps,blankets,towels etc.

  • Patch: Emblem directly to stitch on or iron on.Also possible with iron foil or velcro

  • applied embroidery: partly replacement with tissue or printed tissu - possibility to print out not embroidable details on auxiliary material

  • 3D embroidery: unfortunately not possible for all kind of logos - first we have to see the layout to be able to confirm

Embroiding after the following parameters

  • colours: max. 15 colours, we use thread ISACORD, MARATHON You can also send us your favourite colour in pantone and we approximate ourselves the necessary thread

  • Composition of thread: cotton (MARATHON) - non chemical cleaning, PES (ISACORD) - Resistent againgst chemical cleaning,metal colours(silver,gold), fluorescent
  • Size: max. 45 cm fully embroided logo, bigger motives or logos or text we embroide gradually
  • Minimum quantity: 1 piece
  • Stitch typ: satin,fully filled in,crossed with different effects by top software TAJIMA DGML by Pulse / Punto Designer - wir recommend you through our long experience the necessary typ of stitch - then we produce a sample and send it to our customers for final approval
  • embroidery directly on textile

  • applied embroidery

  • 3D Embroidery


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