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Sampling of desired Stitchlogo by our professional StitchSoftware

  • TAJIMA - DGML by PULSE maestro (nativ Format PXF): Maestro is a complet,sofistic- and object minded system for users with high competence to create complexe designs.Beside the automatic function competence it allows also easier system application. Maestro includes a variety of stitcheffects like wavy or combned wavy and motiv minded creations with different density or colourful motives etc. Scanned photos or import capacity of more thans 20 different typesof graphicformats as JPG, BMP etc. can be used for the digitization - system can track each colour by "Bezier" curves. Total number of stitches is relevant for the stitch production time and its stitch price - system proposes optimal change of logo parameters through very sofisticated prozess software.

  • SOFTEAM -Punto designer (nativ Format PDC): Punto symplifies creation of logos directly on PC by help of very competent graphic allowing logo from the draft to the final design.Scanned picture can be automatically transfered -the difference to other systems you do not need to digitalized once again,it is enough to use the stitch effects,which calculate by itsself the stitch quantity.Punto has a very diversified utilization skala as well as many geometric instruments (Rectangle.Circle,Polygon,Stern.Spirales etc).

Possible data transmission for the order prozess

  • PC curve format - AI, CDR, EPS

  • PC Rasterformat - JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, WMF and more

  • drafted imagination on paper

Data transmission via

  • e-mail:

  • by mail to: blazek stick & caps s.r.o. , Dolní Skrýchov 95, CZ-377 01 Jindřichův Hradec
  • per fax /not recommended -lost of details/: +420384327129
  • personnal handover

Import of stitch datas

  • Of course we can import datas of natives formats by our operating software - PXF, PDC


Stitch data by us

  • Of course we do archiving the datas for you by the very competitive backup software Acronics

  • Stitch programm billing onetime - reorders free of charge

  • within 24 hours - our designers work in three shifts.

  • just wage labour - you embroide yourself - ask for an quotation




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